Administration is key to any security system

A simple, easy-to-manage system is valuable for organizations with limited IT resources. GreenRADIUS is designed for simple administration of complex deployments, providing automatic user enrollment and reporting for tracking your users.


One of the main concerns with any rollout of a 2FA solution is the difficulty in assigning tokens to users. With GreenRADIUS, the process of assigning a token to a user can occur at the first successful login of a user with a token. Administrators do not need to pre-assign individual tokens to individual users beforehand. Administrators can simply hand tokens out to users. The rest is taken care of automatically.


GreenRADIUS allows for a gradual deployment of 2FA for organizations. This feature enables organizations to roll out 2FA to users when users are ready and able. Once a user authenticates with username, password, and his or her new token, the user is thereafter required to use two factors (password and token). All other users remain in single-factor mode (username and password only) until the token is used for the first time or when administrators require two-factor for all users. This is useful for organizations where the rollout is wide ranging across locations and geographies and where tokens will be physically distributed.

Directory Connectors

Not every user has the same set of needs. Sometimes it may be appropriate for a user to be able to use their directory credentials for a login, and other times you need 2FA. GreenRADIUS handles this by providing a connection to your directory server, from openLDAP to Active Directory, and lets you not only import your users but also allows authentication to their directory credentials. Simple, unified authentication, for both single and 2FA logins.


As any administrator knows, reports are to live by. You need to be able to track what is going on. Who is having trouble logging in, what users still haven’t used their token, how often are users logging in. All these questions need to be answered so you can show both the security being provided as well as the assessments of where further efforts need to be made. Training for a group of users having trouble, adding 2FA to systems where you see lots of users not using it, all this can be discerned from good reports. GreenRADIUS reports are easy to use, easy to see, and easy to act on. Reports are configurable to help assist administrators with filing compliance reports for internal or external audits as well as ongoing administration.