“Once your GreenRADIUS server is up and running, that’s what it keeps doing, running without any issues.”

Jim BugbeeIT Director at Rusk County

CJIS Compliance with GreenRADIUS

Law enforcement agencies handle a large amount of highly personal data. Criminal records, fingerprints, ongoing case records, and more all need to be readily accessible by a large number of people in a range of locations, from inside the department office to the agents or officers in the field. Access to this data is tightly controlled through the Criminal Justice Information Services Division. Properly securing access in such an array of environments is always difficult, and ease-of-use is key.

What is CJIS?

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division authorizes federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies access to critical, personal data, such as criminal fingerprint and history records, to assist them with their duties. The highly sensitive data is protected by security policies drafted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In order to gain access to the data, law enforcement agencies generally need to be compliant by implementing a 2FA system, also called “Advanced Authentication” by the FBI.

How does GreenRADIUS help me become CJIS compliant?

By implementing GreenRADIUS, law enforcement agencies can meet the Advanced Authentication requirements of the CJIS Security Policy (Section 5.6 of the August 16, 2018 version).

NetMotion Integration with GreenRADIUS

NetMotion is a popular remote access solution employed by law enforcement agencies for those in the field. GreenRADIUS MFA integrates easily with NetMotion to enforce multi-factor authentication and to meet the CJIS Advanced Authentication requirement. See our NetMotion integration guide for details.