FIDO Module

For future-safe FIDO tokens, such as the YubiKeys

FIDO Tokens Supported

GreenRADIUS can be equipped to support FIDO tokens with our premium FIDO Modules. FIDO U2F and FIDO2 are supported for a variety of integrations.

Your end users can use FIDO tokens simultaneously with other supported tokens, such as a YubiKey. This allows your end users to choose which token they prefer and have backup tokens in case of travel, remote locations, or misplaced tokens.

Core Features
  • Works with Active Directory, and nothing needs to be installed nor changed in Active Directory
  • Can also work with local user accounts on Windows PCs and servers
  • Works with domain-joined and non-domain-joined Windows PCs and servers
  • Users self-assign YubiKeys (either OTP or FIDO) automatically upon first successful use
The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance is an industry consortium producing standards for authentication without passwords.

Designed for both One-Time Password and Biometric authentication factors, FIDO READY™ devices allow users to authenticate in a highly secure, yet fast, manner.