Security for any organization size

The U.S. Small Business Administration defines a small business as one that is independently owned and has 1,500 employees or fewer and sales less than $21.5 million, depending on the industry. While that isn’t big enough to be on the Fortune 1000, it does not mean an SMB has lower security requirements than a large enterprise.

The SMB typically does not have the financial resources of large corporations to create dedicated teams in areas such as finance, marketing, and IT. These organizations look for vendors and suppliers that can provide them with expertise and inexpensive options in these areas, often outsourcing services outside of their scope of expertise. As we have seen numerous times, security breaches do not discriminate in size or sophistication of an organization. That is why MFA is a must for any type of organization and even more critical for one with fewer resources to dedicate to security.

“At Green Rocket Security, it is our mission to make MFA solutions as secure, affordable, and user-friendly as possible, with minimal reliance upon technical resources to deploy and maintain”

GreenRADIUS MFA for SMBs ensures that organizations can enjoy the same protection of large corporations, helping to protect against possible damage caused by data breaches or violations of systems. This can be achieved at an affordable cost of entry and total cost of ownership (TCO).