Two-Factor Authentication on Windows PCs & Servers

Easy Administration Setup

The premium GreenRADIUS SAML Module makes things easy for administrators. Simply set up GreenRADIUS with the SAML Module and configure external SAML-capable services to use GreenRADIUS as the IDP. Define AD groups for the SAML-enabled services users should have access to (the policy). Your users will only need to log in once to the GreenRADIUS User Portal using their regular network credentials and token. Once authenticated in the portal, icons of available internal and third-party services will be displayed, and users can be taken to each service seamlessly with a simple click. No additional authentication is required (except when a session times out).

Core Features

  • Seamless access to any SAML-enabled service, such as Google Apps,, Office 365, and more
  • Users can use their existing Active Directory/network credentials plus their token
  • Simplified user administration of external access based on AD group membership
  • Supports federated identity
  • SAML 2.0 and full IDP

For more in-depth technical information regarding SAML, see the official SAML 2.0 spec here.

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